Classic Italian Deli

425 North Sappington Road • St. Louis, MO • 63122


Vitale's Deli brings a Classic Italian
Deli "off the hill" and into the hearts
of Glendale.


Vitale's Deli opened on September 21, and is located at 425 Sappington Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63122. Sandwiches inspired by his hometown, the Hill, are made with fresh-baked Vitale's bread and Boar's Head premium deli meat. 

"For nearly two decades, Vitale assisted with his family’s business, Vitale’s Bakery, baking up bread for its busy storefront as well as for numerous local accounts. Today, he uses the same bread, crafted by his mother and brothers, as the foundation for his own homegrown sandwich shop." Read more



(314) 966-9912



425 North Sappington Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63122



M-Sa 10:00a–3p
Su Closed